New articles, new insights, but more to come {in brief}

New articles, new insights, but more to come {in brief}

For my second piece in Lynchburg Business magazine, I was assigned to speak with local building juggernaut, English Construction (PDF). It's becoming a trend, it seems, that I'm on the construction beat. My third (PDF) was about an mammoth renovation going on in what was formerly the most advanced textile research facility in the country.

I'm a couple months in on my adventure of non-traditional employment. I do supplement my workload with shifts at my favorite bar/pizzeria and by doing some page design for newspapers in the region, but I have yet to regret my decision to leave my full-time job this past July.

There is definite struggle, though — it's what I signed up for. As compared to months (years, even) past, living feels much more full over these past few months. I'm doing more of what I enjoy. I'm more active (read: losing cubicle fat) and spend more time with my kids. And opportunities are opening up like never before.

So I might be tightening my belt from the combined effect of being more active and not being able to afford as much food, but I'm living for myself and my loved ones, and not under the thumb of any employer that maintains that they have any right to dictate the way I look, speak, dress and think.


My name is Marcelo Asher Quarantotto.


I am a father of three beautiful daughters and husband to the most gracious, saintly creature I've ever met. (You'll find pictures of them here from time to time.) I am also a multidisciplinary storyteller.