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And human interaction, at its most ideal, benefits everyone involved.
I support my family by creating artistic marketing content that helps you better provide value to others. 
(A win-win-win scenario.)


if youR company isn't cookie-cutter, then Your content shouldn't be either.

Stock photography, clickbait writing and unimaginative videos fall flat, failing to connect with your ideal client (a.k.a. well-informed, real people with built-in b.s. detectors). Authentic content, however, engages prospective clients to see you for who you are — a real person (or people) with a service or product that can provide real value to the lives and work of others.

I create content from the heart that will be heard by the heart. Together, we can craft your brand's message through authentic narrative marketing



Being There ...

When people interact with your message (on your website, through print materials or on social media) by reading about what you do, seeing pictures of who you are and watching videos about what you are doing, it's important that they feel immersed. 

Instead of a quick, scripted sales pitch for a one-time purchase, the authentic narrative marketing approach builds trust and lasting relationships. It creates a community of clients who are personally invested in your business or project.


But, how is this accomplished?

The process begins with an interview (I am a journalist, after all). Pretty pictures, well-made videos and value-driven copy are of limited use without context. Knowing your goals, obstacles and history not only directs the content of your message, but the approach to getting that word out. Together, we tailor-make a brand strategy that's cohesive between who you are, what you wish to accomplish, and the overall experience of your audience.

Examples of services:

  • Writing

    • Magazine-stye profile pieces

    • Q&A interviews

    • News articles

    • Blog posts (behind-the-scenes glimpses, lists, updates)

    • Sales copy (web pages, brochures, email marketing, etc.)

    • Production scripts

    • Book-length personal history

  • Filmmaking

    • Commercials/PSAs

    • Narrative productions

    • Documentary

    • Pitch videos (Kickstarter, etc.)

    • Explainer/maker videos

    • BTS films

  • Photography

    • Headshots

    • Photojournalistic essays

    • Events (parties, weddings, meetings)

    • Real estate

  • Web development

  • Holistic content marketing strategy


Boutique Videos (Full-scale production samples available upon request):


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