On Being Your Authentic Self (guest post and film for The Listening)

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Short promo film I created to showcase the general experience of The Listening.

As my life has been in a fairly consistent state of flux since ... forever, the concept of "being authentic" (and no, in case you are worried, I never use the #liveauthentic hashtag).

For me, being authentic has less to do with searching and finding but more so with simply being still and realizing what and where you actually are.

Nick George, founder of The Listening, asked me to create a guest blog post in honor of tomorrow's session. If you attend, you'll likely see me doing a bit of photojournalism for Riverviews Artspace.

You may also see me perform a song and poem. No promises. But it's likely.

In the meantime, you can read my guest post on The Listening's website.


My name is Marcelo Asher Quarantotto.


I am a father of three beautiful daughters and husband to the most gracious, saintly creature I've ever met. (You'll find pictures of them here from time to time.) I am also a multidisciplinary storyteller.