A Farewell to Friends

This week marks a major shift in the Lynchburg, Va., creative community. We are losing four individuals who helped shape and evolve the artistic atmosphere here in our city — Chris and Lauren Baker, Myles Katherine and Dave Justice — to Portland, Or.

We’ll try to forgive you, Portland.

To celebrate our departing friends’ time as Lynchburg creatives, The Keep Colony hosted a multi-act concert and artisan fair on Aug. 4. There were performances by Lynchburg bands Poppa Smurf and the Last Unicorn, The Hawk and the Rumor with Victory Garden, Matthew Paul Butler and Thee Vandal Choir, and Rugby (Chris Baker’s band), and also performances by Goodwill Falcon, of Norfolk, Va., and Gull, of Philadelphia, Pa.

After pushing the limits of the local noise ordinance, we shifted the party to favorite watering hole Rivermont Pizza and finished out the night by watching one-man-band Gull play a skull bending set on guitar, vocals and drums.

As of this writing, our friends are traveling west in a caravan of vehicles stuffed with music gear, MacBooks, DSLRs, cats and whatever clothing they had space for. We bid farewell to our friends and look forward to seeing what they accomplish, but always hope for their return — even if only for a visit.

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