Photos: A Sunday Afternoon with James River Yoga

Photos: A Sunday Afternoon with James River Yoga

Yoga is a big part of what keeps me healthy.

Emotionally, physically and spiritually ... well, as spiritual as I get as a non-dogmatic, non-religious person.

(You can read more about my personal journey into yoga here.)

When I first started practicing, I was contacted by Lynchburg Living to write about a few yoga studios in Lynchburg, Virginia, which led me to meeting Nancy Allen at James River Yoga

If she were a character in the Dune series, she would most definitely but one of the Bene Gesserit. A total badass poet, lawyer, and yogi.

We've kept in touch ever since. My schedule doesn't permit me much in-studio time; I mostly practice at home. But I have taken part of a yoga/poetry workshop she co-led and will sometimes pop into JRY for an intermediate vinyasa session.

She reached out to me asking for new photos for her website, and so I came by during a class to snap photos of some of her students, who come in all variety of size, age and ability. And I love the "come-just-as-you-areness" feel of any yoga outfit worth your time, money and breath. As someone who began practicing when I was deeply unhealthy, I truly believe that it is for anyone and everyone.

Yes, I'll go even so far as to say that everyone  — without exception — would benefit from taking some time during the week to connect with your breathing and your body as a means of building an ever-growing foundation by which the rest of your life can flourish.

So, let these pictures (and video) serve as a visual representation that you don't have to be extra limber or a new-agey or female or any other divisive qualifier to practice. Just be you, and become infinitely more you throughout the process.


Thanks for looking. Don't you feel calmer and more centered? Just imagine what it's like when you're the one on the mat. Feel free to leave a comment if you want to chat about anything yoga!


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