Congruence Yoga Productions

So, here is a project that’s been in development over the last 4 years and is now picking up true, pranayama steam.

As I’ve said before, I only aim to do work that brings benefit and beauty to this world, simultaneously supporting my nuclear family and my broader family which includes all that is (¡Les amo a todos!).

We cannot change the world without first changing our individual hearts and minds, and few things have been so effective to that end in my own life than being introduced to yoga by my soul sister Congruence Yoga. We want to share this with all who are ready (or at least yoga-curious) because we know first-hand how transformative yoga can be.

Together, she and I have embarked upon another practice (under the tutelage of director/dp/human Foster Addington): producing intentional, artful, and cinematic photos and videos that represent high quality yoga instruction.

We want to share this with the world by working with studios we respect to help them share their teaching through high-quality imagery, web development, and subscription channels.

If you are a teacher or studio that wants to know more about what we do and how we can work together, send me a message. Or, if you know a teacher or studio that might be interested (worldwide), send them a message.

Much love to my brother KillGXXD for the glorious tunes.



My name is Marcelo Asher Quarantotto.


I am a father of three beautiful daughters and husband to the most gracious, saintly creature I've ever met. (You'll find pictures of them here from time to time.) I am also a multidisciplinary storyteller.